Should I upgrade to magento 2 Let’s Compare Magento 1 v 2

If you have a plan not to get left behind or stay with magento 1.x. It’s time to change. If you are wonder whether it worth to upgrade to magento 2.x or not, I will say it would be? Today I will give you some reasons for that.

Compare Magento 1 vs magento 2.

Better Performance & Scalability in Magento 2

  • Magento 2 deliver speed with the incredibly fast page load time for home, category and product pages( <1.5second per page) on first view. And even faster time when the pages will catch( <0.75 second per page)
  • Each step has checkout process designed for page tool( < 1.9 seconds per step) you can convert more sale
    Provide better shopper experience by minimizing and bundling javascript, compressing images and by integrating Varnish cache for better site performance
  • Magento also has scale to help you handle your busiest days. Magento support 3.5 million page view per hour and more than 250,00 orders per hour
  • You can go big for magento thanks to use database for order management, catalog and checkout

Magento 2 Richer User Experience

Delivering unique and engaging experiences across every touch point making it easy to transact. It is key of winning in the day of competitive ecommerce environment. That’s why magento enables personalization experiences, on site behaviour or other data influence content, promotion and product recommendation. Currently, DKNZDesign also offer Magento Page Builder for personalization & usability. With the support of page builder, you can save tons of time, money and efforts by visually editing your site with ease.

Better Product discovery

Magento site is making shopping easier. Shopper can easily narrow their product options and find out exactly what they are looking for with powerful search. Layered navigation also bring Price, Color and Category


Product Videos

You can now easily add a link to a video for your product, complete with a title, description and a preview image. This marks a move away from having to previously worry about customising the whole process yourself with code, and you no longer need to worry about hosting the video or its performance.

Better Checkout

There have been some changes to the checkout to make it much easier to all customers, including assumed guest checkout and an automatic recognition of emails based on registered users. The 1 step checkout process is fast. Speeding shopper through the process by minimizing this step and information they provide. And other information page, user can create account with one click without interrupting the transaction.

But Is it worth it?

In short Yes. And the main reason is the change itself – for Magento there is no going back. Yes, they will be supporting the older versions for several years – and this is why you are in no need to jump the gun if you’re doing ok right now and you don’t have any plans to be a market leader or pioneer of sorts in your niche.

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