We have built a large number of website over the last 15 years for customers all over the world. From simple personal websites to large complex web shops with full automation and multiple languages. Here is a small selection of some our work. Showcasing what we do for our customers and how we help them solve the problems they have.

Das Grambacher

Full custom design and website build. This project included the integration of the Casablanca hotel booking system which allows users to check room availability and directly reserve online. The project included a section with the ability to view room types and all their amenities and also a seminar room section for booking events. The multi-language feature using Google translate API was also integrated for German and English.


This is a Magento 2 web shop with custom design with a built in CRM and PIM system to communicate all shop data automatically to external software. There is also a built in Blog feature which is integrated throughout the shop and a completely custom content management system.


This is a B2B E-Commerce shop build which had more than 250.000 skus.
Features include a complex client group based automated pricing system, a multi warehouse stock synchronization service and a mobile app integration with a auto login. A special quick order system was built which allowed customer to paste in plain text and the AI would find SKUs and directly add them to the cart.

Fernando’s Wine House

A multi language website based in Portugal has 6 automatically translated languages. This Magento 2 build included automated vendor feeds allowing other suppliers to synchronize their data with this retailer. The project also required a complex multi-shipment rate and the ability to pay with crypto currency.

Duncan Cooper

Highly stylized personal website for a known performing artist in the US this project also features a booking tool, for student to directly reserve and pay for classes as well as a fully responsive video header, a responsive image gallery and news feed. The CMS used was a hybrid of wordpress and Magento 2.

Yard and Pool

A Shopify webshop using the Shopify Plus plan, this project has complex category views that allow customers to search for replacement parts for their pools pumps and water filters. This also is a large store with over 30.000 skus and a custom automated fulfillment system , which allows users to get their tracking data as soon as the main supplier ships the items.
Custom shipping scripts and various plugins were written for this project.


This popular Austrian shopping mall website includes a shop finder application with a virtual map and the integration of a bonus club program where customers can sign up and receive rewards and buy coupons for retailers inside the center. A news section also allows content writer to promote events in the Mall.

Lucas Hugh

This high-end, London based sportwear retailer required a responsive highly stylized web shop to match its brand language. This included a product size selector as well as a popup size guide. Initially build in Magento, they have now transferred over to the Shopify CMS.


This Finnish based shop had thousands of tool and hardware products, which they need spread over a large list on sub – categories. Automation was added to handle this and product could then be imported from the warehouse PIM Software. Another feature included a product lease calculator for the SVEA Tool range.

Sophie Conran

This project was a online shop built with Magento that featured a popup attribute picker to allow for a faster shopping experience for their customers. Fully adapted for mobile view this is was also specially designed with smartphone design first.


This French based retailer had a small range of products but had a large amount of turnover and so required a super fast frontend to deal with their higher volume of sales. There was also a custom nutrition app build for this client, which would help your track your calorie intake.

Davidoff London

This shop was for the London distributor of Davidoff Cigarettes. The very stylized shop included an age verifying poup module that would automatically appear for any new visitors.


This extremely stylish sun-glass retail shop sold a large range of glasses and were featured in several international publications due to the signature all wood frame that they were known for.
This shop had a color picker build into the category pages, and a on hover multi view feature.


This well known Vienna based department store for luxury goods, required a full shop build which was completed for their entire product range. They also required a brand search tool and an external Blog used for their news feed.