The DKNZ Report Tip's on Magento, Web Development & Other Stuff

Improve Your Google Ranking for Free

We always say that SEO done the right way isn’t quick and isn’t cheap. This still holds true, but there are ways you can make small improvements to your site without spending a penny as long as your website allows you to make changes via a content management system (CMS). The infographic below from WeddingWire…

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Hot to get Url’s in Magento

Every wonder how you can easily reference URL’s in magento? When developing your store, before going live, many of the url’s you will be using will be based on the stores testing/development url, so when you change the base url from say the development url: to the live url for example: all your…

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How to clear your browser cache

Whats is a browser cache? Your browser has a folder in which certain items that have been downloaded are stored for future use. Graphic images (such as buttons and icons), photos, and even entire web pages are examples of items which are saved or cached. When visiting a webpage your browser checks if a copy…

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